Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Cradle of Humankind

I love songs that remind me of some of the universal truths about humanity. We all feel. We all yearn. We all seek connection. And, ultimately, we all feel hope. 

Flogging Molly's "The Cradle of Humankind"

"The sum of all my fears like dread are from demons yet to come
All the things I should've mentioned wave goodbye and "we'll see you soon"It's the words I've never written that say more about myselfWhere empty is the promise lies a pocket full of doubt...
Though my time may be less traveled than those that come beforeWe're all exiles here in madness kicking down each other's doorUnforgiven is the lesson we pour upon ourselvesWhen a helping hand's is needed, a slap in the face is what we get...
Sometimes drink till I am empty, grab another from the shelfThough I'm stuck in conversation, it's with myself and no one elseNever listen to much reason till I hear it's last callWhen I notice that ghost is still dancing on his own...
There will always be a roof and a dream above our headsAs long as I'm breathing, then forever I'll be
Ah, I will fight for this right and each moment of it's lifeTill I witness all the differences yet to heal
So may the road I've yet to takeLeave a smile across my faceTill the laughter sheds the darkness far behindFor I still belong in the cradle of humankind."

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